Thursday, October 4, 2012

July iphone pictures

Playing with the Tufts, Morgan and AK made crafts this time.  Usually they are baking cookies.

 playing Truco with Grandpa.  He came down to set Troy apart as a High Priest, Troy was called to the High Counsel...  he's loving it.
 Cooking class with Kathie, they made chocolate dipped bananas.
 I sprain my middle foot and big toe falling down a flight of stairs, lovely and graceful as always.  Below are Lagoon-a-beach pics

 Morgan home from girls camp.  Somehow this is the only girls camp picture we have this year!  oops.  Next we have our fun filled week at Bear Lake.

 We went to the Bountiful 24th of July parade to see the stripling warriors march.  It was pretty cool, good visual on 2000+ boys marching off to war.

 friends home.  He is adding on a library, very cool old home and an awesome addition.
 Victor got Ethan's friend in the face with a base ball bat (30 minutes before his parents were coming home from a week long trip to pick him up).  It's not looking too bad here, but the whole right eyebrow in the middle lifted up.  They took him to insta care and they glued him back together (he's had stitches before and didn't want them again).  So so sorry, please let us babysit you again some day.
 My mom signed Tanya and Morgan up for horse lessons, they learned to clean, brush, bridle, saddle and ride the horses.  The girls absolutely loved it.

 Grant ran in his first 10K this summer on the 24th of July.  He did really well.

 just swimming at grandmas this summer with cousins.

 Frosting a birthday cake and having dinner for Ethan's friend, Ethan's, birthday.

 Morgan wanted to go to Orange Leaf and Wicked for her 13th birthday this year.  So she got tickets for Christmas and was able to take 2 friends with her.  These are the super cute gifts they made her.

 more lagoon...

 Finally getting the yard put in.  We were ready to be done with the dirt, even though we had swampy grass for a month and the kids weren't suppose to walk on it, but they did.

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