Wednesday, October 3, 2012

flash back to June 2012

 We weren't in the house yet, but wanted to have dinner at the house so we made pizzas and sheet cake and had a little dinner a couple weeks before we moved in.

 During the move I had to leave really early one morning, 6am and we had Grant's car and the trailer in the drive way and I thought I was past the car and the sun was in my eyes and i dinged Grant's car.  Good thing he's in HS and it fits right in.

 Went to hear Kat play in the Park one Monday night in June.
 Results of Ana's cooking class, bubble gum cupcakes and these meat pies... very yummy.
 Moving day, I had amazing friends come and help me move my kitchen in a week before we actually moved into the house.  It was so nice to get a lot of things organized and put away.
 baby rattle snake, the head was cut off, thus you get a picture of the tail.  Welcome home present...
 Morgan made a cheese cake in her cooking class and shared it with family at Grandmas.
 Morgan and Victor took a summer PE class so that they could take a class they wanted to during the school year.  Here is part of our Summer PE carpool getting custard at Nielsons.

 A new pair of glass again this year.
 Troys birthday

 went to see Brave thanks to our dental office!!!  They are awesome.
 I had ordered these pantry hooks and installed them.  They are so beautiful!
 don't ask, but it is going in the book as a reminder to all...
 Grant and Hunter returning from their trip to Europe!  Gone for three weeks, crazy!

 I took Ana and Ethan, the week after we moved into our house, and flew to PA to see one of our newest nephews!  We loved playing with and holding Aiden, it's fun to have baby cousins again.

 Troy got a new leg/food brace in June so we took it for a spin.  He's never been able to hike for long periods of time, but he was leading the way to all sorts of little lakes in the Unitas for some 4th of July fishing!

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