Thursday, October 4, 2012

august iphone pictures

 Tanya picking out soccer shoes.  She is trying a new sport at school this year, soccer.  More lagoon pictures.

 Ethan out looking for our run away dog, thank goodness we now have a fence.
 Terrible time to put in a yard, last week of July and first week of August, but we did.  Yippee we finally have grass.

 My parents were trying to eat healthier, no sugar, in August and so we drilled holes in a watermelon for my dads birthday cake.  Funny thing was that the kids devoured the watermelon as if it was cake.  who knew, maybe we should always do watermelon.

 We had one of my friends daughters get engaged in August and so Morgan wanted to see my wedding dress.  We pulled it out and she tried it on, glad it was a little too big on her still, we have a ways to go before she gets married!

 The christening of our home.  Victor tore out of Morgans room and his hip took this chunk out of the wall.  He had a lovely bruise to go with it.
 Carpool buddies came with us to swim at grandmas pool.  fun times.
 Keller cousins visiting from Idaho. Fun Fun fun

first cross country meet of Grants Jr year...  He ran great.

Stake fair

 just out walking/jogging/running trails with grant

 Ethan finally got to go pick out his chameleon so I let all the other kids pick out a frog or fish that could live in a bowl...

 First day of school Morgan and Victor (September), I don't know where the rest of the kids first day of school pictures are....

 Grant asked Kaitland to Homecoming with some sock and a poem... he ran out to plant them in her front yard. 

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