Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weekend going ons

Yesterday we had lots of things going on after school. Extra tumbling meet & viola lesson. Victor & I we supposed to go to take the learners permit test but he did not show up after school, so that actually saved me a bit off running around. Grant had track & field & Tanya had an away game - didn't make it to either. High jump in Kearns & bball in Syracuse, opposite ends of the valley. But the best part of the evening was our dear friend Odie getting baptized. His bishop & stake president shared wonderful thoughts and testimonies. There was such a sweet spirit there and Odie just glowed. It was also nice to see Claudia & Angela and their families. Odie is such a great person, I truely hope he finds great joy through this choice.

So onto Saturday...
I got up at 6:30 to take Ana to tumbling. These competitions have been great for her, she definitely has been trying harder and doing better these past two months then the whole year that she has taken tumbling. Three hours later and a sixth place medal & we we home to start our day. Grant had a track met at the Olympic oval so we headed out. First time he was running the 200 meter. It started a little later than planned, but it was nice to sit and chat with him for a while before he ran. We then ran home & troy took boys for hamburgers & I went to Morgan's viola concert at the bountiful library. I love listening to her play. It's so calming and beautiful. We then picked up her friends to go hiking in the rain & mud with her, crazy. Tricia brought her kids (& pizza) by  to do she & my dad could go to president porters daughters wedding in slc. Out was great, all the kids went down to play in the basement. Lovely times, busy going ons, but lots of fun kind of day.

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