Sunday, February 2, 2014

Night of settlers

Since we are such "big" superbowl fans... Yes I'm just kidding. Troy turned it on to see the Broncos play for a bit. Ouch.

So Ethan talked a couple of us into playing settlers.  We ended up playing three games :). Grant creamed us twice, but threw a little tantrum when I was winning. Yes, I got one win in. Morgan and Ethan don't play for speed and points but for building. One day they'll sneak up and cream grant. :b

Earlier today Morgan and grant wanted to create a cookie with nutella in it. They were pretty good, a little sweet, but that's an easy fix. They we gone within the hour! Yummy.

Last night Morgan and her friend Elizabeth and myself went to wx's production of Aida. The lead was amazing. She has a beautiful voice. A kid we know from lpa days is ramadas but it was his off night so we may have to go back and see it when he's the lead.

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