Tuesday, February 18, 2014

St. George over presidents weekend

It's been a busy week this past week. I gave grant a little bit of a crazy haircut before he went to run up in Idaho at the Simplot games.  Ended up trimming Ethan too.  Watched Tanya play some basketball.  Thursday had my final xrays of my wrist  & have to go ahead to do Pilates & ride a road bike. (i got talked into riding in Goldie locks in May, so I've got to find a bike and learn to ride pretty  quick!  Morgan and I saw Aida again. Troy & I went out to outback stake house at 4:30 for a Valentine's dinner. He also brought me chocolate covered strawberries. Very good. Flowers for the girls. We then went to the temple to do some sealings. Out was very nice and the man doing the sealings recognized toy as George kellers son. He is a friend of the family and was one of Georges dental professors in dental school. It was nice to visit with him. We also did the sealings that we found doing family history four family home evening & some for my mom, names clear back from new Jersey  days.

So Saturday I packed up the suburban and Ethan & Ana and we headed down to St. George to join Tricia & her kids for presidents weekend. Heard it was sunny & in the 70's. We got down there to overcast sky's & breezy cool air. Disappointed to say the least, but at 7 am the next morning the sun was lighting up my bedroom....  Sunday was a beautiful day. The kids lived at the park playing tag, riding scooters & bikes and catching lizards. Repeat on Monday until I made them come in so we could pick up and head home. Now back to reality. Came  home to grant having the guys over, Morgan heading out the door to see Aida once again (closing night), Tanya running Hailey home so she could go out on a date with Will (finally, instead of hanging out after school every day), & Ana to do homework she didn't bring home so she wouldn't have to do out (as usual this year- feels like we are regressing instead off processing in this area). 

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Suzie said...

Grant's new haircut? VERY 80s! Does he like it? Such a cute kid!!! Busy crazy days, eh?!