Tuesday, April 22, 2014

first day in Spain

 So we got home safe and sound from Belize.  I did a couple quick loads of laundry, made Tanya a carpool schedule, showered and went to bed.  I got up in the morning and got kids off to school and then packed my bags to go to SPAIN.  Yes, Spain.  My dad and Kathryn picked me up and before I knew it Kathryn and I were flying to Spain to meet up with my mom, Stacey, Tricia, Janet and Janae for a fun filled, week long girls trip.  We go every few years somewhere together and it's always a lot of fun.  This year it was Janae's spring break and her mom was going out to see her so my mom and sisters decided to tag along!  Kathryn and I arrived beat, but took off with everyone for a heavenly Morrocan dinner.  Everything we ate was delicious.

Janae lives in Jaraz on the beach.  So Saturday morning I got up and walked with Janet and Janae and Stacey on the beach and through town.  We then had breakfast, packe up and headed on our adventure.  First stop Seville.  We saw a lot of vinyards on our drive and beautiful country side.  We got checked into our hotel and Janae went to part our huge, yet wonderful van.  So we went to the little square and did some shopping.  Then we toured the Cathedral of Seville (where we climbed our first bell tower of the trip), then a castle (with acres and acres of beautiful gardens) and ended our evening with a Flamanco show.  Everything was wonderful and beautiful.  The weather was in the 70's all week, just lovely.

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Stacie said...

Alright just so you know I'm going to steal half your photos. They are so awesome. I liked seeing what you took pictures of. Gives me a different feel for the trip. Miss spending time with the girls. It was an amazing trip. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the trip. I just barely started posting mine. Looking forward to summer.