Wednesday, April 23, 2014

spain day 3

 So Janae had to park the van in a scary part of town so we waited on the corner while she and Tricia went off to reclaim it.  We then began our journey to Medya (sp?).  I couldn't resist leaning out the window to try and capture the wonderful country side.  There were cork trees and olive trees, sheep and cool rock walls, rolling green hills and vineyards.  It also gave me a bit of practice with speeds on my camera, Grant you'd be proud.  (maybe, still a lot of blurry pics and telephone wires...)

We made it and ran to see the Roman artifacts in the museum for 30 minutes before it closed.  Then we saw the coolest ruins.  A coliseum that the gladiators fought in, a theater, a temple made for the goddess Diana and of course we did a bit of Roman shopping.

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