Monday, November 17, 2014

First letter from Grant in the mission field

So we get off the plane in Lyon, we all have been awake for 36 hours depending on how much sleep you could get on the plane, and we throw our suit casses in a van that hauled them off to the mission office. We start walking towards the train station and there is this incredibly tall man, probably 6,7 and just big. He has two beer bottles in his hand and starts waving one of them at us and yelling, in French, and the only word that I understand is "mormon" and "hell". I later learned that he was damning us all to hell and explaining to us how we get to burn in satan's layer or something. Great first impression of France :D
Fast Forward past a lot of sleeping and a little sight seeing and I got to meet my trainer elder P! He is pretty much the coolest guy ever. We connect really well! He plays guitar(he has one in our apartment) likes to work out, speaks French, he is pretty good looking, you know all the important stuff ;) ! 
I am currently serving in a city called chalon! it is a fairly nice city I think! It has been overcast every single day and that makes the city nice and cool! The people are great! They all keep to themselves but after about two or three questions or a compliment they open right up and just start talking! once you break the ice you can ask them most anything! What we do most of the time for tracting is we carry around a little questionnaire and ask people if they want to participate. Surprisingly, if you compliment someone on their clothes or a scarf they almost always say yes. So it looks like I am going to have to improve my fashion game and learn my expensive clothing brands. If anyone wants to send me a list or some pictures of highend fashion items it would be greatly appreciated! Its also good that I watched that runway show with my mom! That will definately come in handy!
Day three in France, first miracle. We were jumping cities to renew elder perrys visa( he just hit his year mark) when we had a train layover. Our layover was about 24 minutes. We decided to try and talk to people and get some numbers! The first guy we asked was sitting on the edge of a fountain and was just the coolest guy ever! We ended up teaching a quick lesson on the restoration and got his number! we checked our watched and realized that we had 3 minutes to get to our train! We thanked him and ran off! We hustled up to the platform train. We asked a conductor looking guy with a wicked mustache where the train was and he said it had left. 
We ran down to check train times for the next train headed to gernoble. We had 4 hours and elder Perry would miss his appointment. While we walked over to the ticket line we bumped into mustache conductor man and he said that the train came in onto the wrong platform due to delays! It was still in the station!!!! We made the train! we both felt like God had blessed us with making the train because we went out and tried to find people! wonderful experience!
I love France, the food is great! the people are interesting! and I am in LOVE with missionary work! The language is coming, I usually understand what people are talking about and I understand more when they speak slower then normal! We ran into an old fisher french man and his accent was different. Elder P said that he had to strain to understand what he was saying because he was from the deep south of france and their accent changes! 
Love you all! excuse my spelling. These French keyboards have extra letters and crap on them and spell check doesnt work. 

Elder Keller

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