Monday, November 10, 2014

letter and phone call from grant

Just thought I'd give a little update on Grant.  He did get a calling card, but couldn't get it to work.  So he borrowed some guys in the airport.  Thank you to that very nice guy!  It made my day to hear from Elder Keller.  He sounds great.  We chatted about our family visit to Victor and I think that made him feel a lot better about leaving.  He's been worried about how things were going, so it was good to have a minute to talk about it.  Grant was the lucky one who went with Troy when they took Victor to Wilderness this summer and he came with us when we picked V up and took him to Vista.  So he's been a part of some of the crazy.  We were just able to chat for a bit about the MTC and heading off to France.  I said, " You don't even sound homesick, you sound so excited." He confirmed that : )  After that first week, he settled in and he is ready to get to work.  I thought I'd be teary-eyed talking to him, but he was my happy, ready for an adventure, Grant.  I couldn't help but smile right along with him.   Love that kid.  His Mission Presidents wife emailed to say that they'll send us pictures tomorrow after they pick him up, so I'll post tomorrow or wednesday, some pictures of Grant/Elder Keller.  And hopefully his new address.

So Saturday we got this letter from Grant and were able to write back and forth for about 30 minutes.  We'll Troy wrote back and forth.  Nothing earth shattering.  More like information about calling cards, that he got the last package, the pants fit, etc.  For future missionary moms: nerf toys are banned at the MTC.  I had a mom tell me she would send nerf guns to her boys so I sent a set and they were confiscated.  Lesson learned.  Everything else in the packages was eaten and appreciated!

So we have some time to do laundry before we leave on the air plane tomorrow! Fun right!?! 

I have sort of been recapping this MTC experience! I would say it was good! Probably could have studied more and eaten fewer doughnuts but hey! Say la vie, this is life. I hope everyone is doing well! 

Everyone at the MTC has been passing out journals and asking us if we would write something and sign it. Well eventually the French elders brought theirs around and I figured "they really don't know who I am and after two years who is going to remember an Elder Keller?" So in each of the 4 French elders "good bye journals" I wrote nursery rhymes, In Mary had a little lamb I added some of my own versus, and signed my name as cursivey and loopy as I could! I heard them reading it out in the hall later that night! Way too funny! They read the cow jumped over the moon and one of the elders said "What is this? There is not a cow that could jump over the moon!?" and we just wouldn't;'t contain ourselves! The French Elders in their French accents are just so FUNNY! 

Yesterday in class was incredibly spiritual! All of the missionaries bore their testimony about Jesus Christ in French and it really hit home! I didn't realize how deep everyone's testimony went!  So in class today Frere Pistourius showed us all of his mission photos! He told us that yesterday was spiritual and today was going to get us excited for the mission! So he told wonderful stories about the people he met and the many miracles he saw just in his first month! 

I got this wonderful quote from Frere Pistorious when he was explaining a French grammar concept!
"French express feelings more in the way that they say things, rather then by the feeling of which they are said in." This was interesting because it explains that the French express the way they feel by the words they use and in the way they conjugate a verb. In English this concept is similar, where you can tell by the tone of voice the meaning be hind a phrase the french change the meaning by the way that they conjugate something. Sorry, that was a very poor way of explaining it.

I can not wait to get to the field! Two days!!!! I love you all and wish you a happy holidays! :D

Elder Keller

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