Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Letter from Grant

Subject: I get to stay in Rodez! wooot wooot!

Transfer calls came in, Elder Gossel and I are staying in Rodez.

So this week we spent 5/7 days not in our sector so I really do not have a lot to tell you about our investigators. 

However, we got to go to Lyon and have a massive conference and see everyone! That was SoOO much fun! At the conference we got to learn about Ipads from two seventies! Elder Nielson and Elder Kearon! They both did a fantastic job. Granted, anyone could have told us we were getting Ipads and we would have been super excited. Basically they stressed the fact that Ipads are Tools not Toys. The mission president can see everything you have ever downloaded so no angry birds for us. They also stressed that the best Filter comes from your heart and mind. Basically, you are the best filter, so keep your mind straight! 

I look forward to being able to use Ipads! We can do some really cool languages studies! We will have the ENTIRE gospel library on our Ipads and we will even have the area book and our planners all electronically. For mothers day in Three weeks I can Skype in through my Ipad (probably at a mc Donalds). 

We are also allowed to have Facebook. We will be making a new account as our "missionary account". I guess you can find me on there but everything will be in French...We will friend the members and then ,with their permission, friend their friends and try to find new investigators like that. We are allowed to post spiritual thoughts and invite people to baptisms and other churchy events.

We can also start a blog...I am not sure how all that works. We will find out at our next Zone conference or Zone Training where we will actually receive our Ipads.

So there it is. Madame Gill is still progressing.
Norrick is being a bum, he hasn't been intown at all this week.
and our two new engagès are doing just fine. 

Love you :)

So the first couple photos are from when we went to a members house with the albi elders! The members live out in the middle of the campaigne and so we needed the albi elders car! Yes, that is a samurai knife. Infact, this member always has his butterfly knife on him and usually an extra. It kinda reminds me of matt :) So, we think beef Jerky is a pretty manly food. But, the French dry and season the ENTIRE LEG OF THE PIG! (you can find dried pig leg at almost any grocery store too...) and then cut off slices to eat. Yes, it is crazy....DELICIOUS! Ethan would be in heaven right now. 

The last picture is off Ashly Baggs from wx xc team.  (I don't know what the expression on grants face means in that pic...  not ready for the picture?   funny kid)

These were Grant's MTC companions/roommates.  

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