Sunday, January 31, 2016

January happenings in Texas 2016

 A visit to Troy's new office, first weekend in Texas!

 Kids survived the first couple days of school in Texas, so far so good.  Other than finding people to eat lunch with.  That seems to be the hardest part of going to a new school.  Kids are super nice, but a lot of inappropriate talk and drug use that makes the kids a little uncomfortable.

 Week two and three rooms are pretty well unpacked, just don't look at the lack of pillow arranging! haha

 out car shopping for me or Morgan, we haven't totally decided yet.

 I followed Si's online cooking class and made some very yummy french bread.  Had to have my little snack with honey out on the swing.

 We decided on a new car for me!  They drove it right out the front doors before I had a chance to get a picture!

 Got the canoe out.  Ethan likes to canoe over to the island and tromp around.  The nice man in the back ground has been giving Ethan pointers on how to catch the bass in the pond.  It's been very helpful.

 We wondered around Old Town, just lots of little shops and then we ate at the caboose.

 Family Sunday walk and lizard walk (on all of us).

What! I've been here a month and there were ward boundary changes and I was called to be YW Pres!  So much for hiding out and taking a break from our crazy life : )  I'm not sure I'm totally ready for this, I know a dozen people in the ward!  Sigh.

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