Monday, January 11, 2016

Letter from Grant - January 11, 2016

Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 6:52 AM
Subject: Surprise trio training...

You So when Elder Carlson and I were in the office Wednesday we
discovered that Elder Carlson is not even legal to be in France! So,
he can't drive. Which means President assigned us a greenie! Haha,
Elder Carlson is going to stay in our team so we get to become a trio!
It is now Elder Carlson, our greenie Elder Tyndale(who was half
trained by one of my old companions Elder Pittsenbarger) and me! The
trio life is much more interesting. Someone is always talking or doing
something. I guess I'll give you a little background on each of my new

Elder Carlson is from Utah, played baseball in college and is really
really calm. Never seems to get stressed! Elder Tyndale is from Spain,
Malaga. A city in southern Spain. and honestly Elder Tyndale adds SO
much flavor to our tripanionship. Not that elder Carlson isn't
interesting or exciting, he is. It's just that Elder Tyndales
personality is almost overpowering! Haha, I love them both a ton! They
are the coolest people ever!

So Wednesday we stayed in the office the whole day and helped out with
financial paper work. Which we technically are not allowed to do but
the office is so far behind on bills that they needed more hands. Our
financial secretary forgot to pay some bills and now a bunch of
missionaries don't have electricity...At the end of Wednesday Elder
Carlson and I went to pick up Elder Tyndale from the train station and
it was basically like having transfer day two days in a row. Lots of
unpacking, Lots of 'how to drive in France' videos, and lots of
getting to know each other.

Thursday we kicked our day off by driving an hour and a half down to
Gap to give the elders there a new refrigerator. Their old
refrigerator works fine but the senior couple that did their apartment
inspection thought that the freezer part couldn't get cold enough to
freeze water. Meanwhile there is six inches of snow in Gap if the
elders want to freeze something they could put it outside on the
balcony. Oh well, our job is to solve apartment problems and all
turned out fine. However, It was really scary driving down to Gap
because it was snowing. And elder Tyndale, coming from the south of
Spain had only seen snow twice in his whole life and had never driven
in it. So we slid around a bit on some of those windy French alps
roads. Fortunately there was no snow on the way back, the sun had come
out and the roads were well plowed.

Friday and Saturday were our Sainte-Etinne days. The St.Etienne
sisters apartment building had caught Fire a few transfers ago.
Fortunately no sisters were hurt and their apartment was basically
untouched. We just needed to go in and salvage whatever furniture we
could and trash all of the old furniture so that the church can give
the apartment back to the proprietor. We ate at KFC when we were down
in St.Etienne. Oh, American fast food, how I miss you. Why do you have
to be so far away?

Sunday was fun, all three of us got to bare our testimonies. The ward
LOVES anyone who isn't from Utah. Literally half the ward went up to
Elder Tyndale and tried to speak Spanish to him. So I am sure Elder
Carlson enjoyed the warm welcome.

Oh, we have a new investigator, his name is Olivier. He has a child
with a member however they are not married. They have established that
the child is going to grow up in the Mormon faith and they, all three,
are going to go to church every week. So that's really cool! Olivier
is nice, curious, I'm not sure how willing he is to practice though. I
guess only time will tell.

That's our week. Our Tripanionship has started dipping bread in olive
oil before every meal because Elder Tyndale believes it will make you
live longer. And it's the Spanish thing to do. It's fun? Haha, oh and
Elder Tyndales favorite word is 'Legendary' and basically every time
something semi cool or exciting happens he just goes "THAT WAS SO
LEGENDARY!" In his British accent. Oh, Elder Tyndales mom went to
England on her mission and found/converted her husband and brought him
back to Spain with her. So he speaks perfect British English and Spain
Spanish. Totally not fair! Haha.  Well, that's the week! Loves

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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