Tuesday, January 5, 2016

letter from Grant - January 5, 2016

Sent: Monday, January 4, 2016 12:20 PM
Subject: New Comp Same old job!

    So this last week was a wild one. We ran all the way down to Pau. A
tiny little city where they needed a new dryer. And then trucked up to
Montpellier and cleaned out the old sisters apartment and set up their
new apartment. There were no sisters, fortunately, in either
apartments because president moved them up to Ecully. However, all
because there were no sisters does not mean that there were no signs
that they had been living there. Sisters are gross.
    After having fixed up the new sister apartment and stocking it with
stuff we ran up to Swiss just in time for New Years and Transfer
calls. We were awoken, okay I'll be honest and tell you that we stayed
up until twelve to see New Years fire works. And they did not
disappoint! All of Geneva was alight with colorful flaming balls of
Glorious fire! And from one of they neighboring apartment complexes
someone was chucking REALLY REALLY loud fireworks onto the street! We
went out the next morning to discover that those fireworks Literally
blasted holes into the street! Oh, the Swiss!
    It is a Geneva zone tradition to gather at the church for transfer
calls and to film your call with president. A lot more different than
France! Haha. It turns out that I am receiving Elder Carlson! We
actually spent some time with him down in Pau so it won't be a
completely blind transfer. He, like elder Pittsenbarger, played
baseball in college. I guess I am "blessed" to serve around baseball
players? Haha maybe I should have played baseball in high school.
Ethan you should be taking notes! 
    So transfer day was great. I spent seven hours standing in the Gare,
that is the train station, with the other missionaries waiting to
receive elder Carlson. He used to drive jeeps and bikes in highschool
so hopefully he can find his way here in France. Our lives depend on

it! Well up to right now we have driven two times and have avoided all
possible accidents. So, things are looking up!

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

Oh, to celebrate our transfer Elder Acheson and I went and ate at Master Tacos.
Master Tacos is like a mission favorite place to eat when you are in Lyon! And
you can order six different sizes of tacos. The Mini, the one, the two, the
three, the four, and the five. They basically double in size as you go up until
you get to the five in which the taco TRIPLES in size from its predecessingly
small four. Elder Acheson and I both ordered Fives. And both finished. That is
the most food I have EVER eaten. Going to bed that night it hurt to lay on my
stomach! Haha. Never again.
Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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