Sunday, May 25, 2008

Magnifying the Priesthood

Grant spoke in church today and did a wonderful job.  I thought I'd post his talk for posterity.  He gets so nervous, but once he's up there he looks up and talks into the microphone and does a wonderful job.  You would never guess he has jell-o legs, as he puts it.

            Magnifying the priesthood

           There was once a family of frogs that lived by a pond.  There were all sorts of good, healthy bugs there for them to eat at the pond, like crickets, flies, mosquitoes and water skippers.  Some of the little frogs, however, liked to eat ladybugs.  The ladybugs were easy to catch, and the red and white shells were sweet like candy.  But this wasn’t good. The ladybugs were friends to the frogs and helped keep the pond free of pests.  Plus, the ladybugs weren’t very healthy for frogs to eat.  

The father frog was very worried, and he thought long and hard about what to do.  Then, he had an idea.  He smashed up some red berries and gathered some white dust.  With it, he painted himself to look like a giant ladybug, and he hopped around for a week with a sign that said: “Don’t eat our friends the ladybugs.”  The little frogs were amazed at this and realized how important the ladybugs were to their father.  They never ate another one.

 You can see that this father frog magnified his responsibility to teach the little frogs by making sure they understood what was right.  Magnifying one’s calling means to go the extra mile in fulfilling your responsibilities. Now you will see I obviously had a hard time magnifying this talk.  But we need to work diligently and very hard on magnifying every calling we ever get. Prophet Gordon B Hinkley once said. 

            To every officer, to every teacher in this Church who acts in a priesthood office, there comes the sacred responsibility of magnifying that priesthood calling.” 

            He also refers to magnifying as looking through binoculars and how they can enlarge and improve any object. But when we don’t magnify our calling it is like looking through the other side of the binoculars. It makes it farther away and doesn’t improve or enlarge an object. But shrinks it and makes it harder to focus.

             When I received the Aaronic Priesthood a few months ago, there was a lot I didn’t know about what I should be doing.  Luckily, there were experienced Deacons in our quorum who showed me the ropes on the basics, like how to pass the sacrament and collect fast offerings.  Now, I need to magnify my calling by helping teach other new Deacons and being as good an example as I can for those in primary.  But the most important thing I can do to magnify my calling is to build my own testimony.  The better I understand the gospel, the more I will understand how I can contribute to the important work of the Church in whatever way the Lord wants me to.


 In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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Betsy said...

I love it, Grant. It's so you and so perfect. Awesome job.