Thursday, May 29, 2008

Slacker Mom

I just read a very short, simple book today called, "Confessions of A Slacker Mom".  I really related and thought it was a fun, humorous look on child rearing.  I have a tendency to do for my kids, whether I want them to do things "right", for them to not look bad or for me to not look bad as their mother, I don't know.  I'm sure it's a mix of the three.  

Especially with school stuff I probably over step my bounds as a mother and do too much.  The charter school that the kids are at really emphasizes the importance of the kids being in charge of their work and keeping their things organized.  It's been really good all around and the kids really have done great this year telling me about homework or projects and being in charge of just coming home and getting their homework done (no more homework fights).  Before, it really was me hovering, checking with teachers, reminding them every minute,  helping them with their projects (so they looked great) and/or checking all of their work.  I'm learning how to let them succeed and fail so they can learn to be proud of and take responsibility for their work.  At times it's still been hard for me to let go -- I want to be a good mom or at least look like one.  Anyway, this book gave me a perspective I think I've been looking for or at least gave me an explanation as to why it's good to do or not do certain things.  For example: kids don't need every toy in the store, it's ok to share a bathroom (my heart bleeds for Morgan), it's ok for the kids to save and earn money for things they want, it's ok that I haven't scrap booked every picture that I've taken, it's ok to fall down and get hurt sometimes and to learn from mistakes/accidents.  

I haven't signed the kids up for any classes this summer and I told them this week all I want is some chores done, music, a little weeding and an hour or more of reading every day, then they are free (oh, no TV, computer, video games before noon -- hopefully not at all).  I couldn't decide if I was being lazy, if I was burnt out or if I was punishing the kids for something by not signing them up for camps and classes. Then I read this little book and it gave me comfort.  I'm happy and even proud of my decisions to let go of a lot of the structure and classes.  I'm really hoping the kids are at the point they can read the summer away with me, all selfish I know.  I do hope we have a productive, creative and fun summer ahead of us  (and that Troy has a lot of patience with us!) Who knows what the house will look like by the end of the summer, jk. Love ya, hon. 

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Betsy said...

I really need to read this book! Sounds like something I could really use. I'm really looking forward to a lazy summer, too. If you get bored of reading (ha) come up and swim for a few days. You are ALWAYS welcome!!