Thursday, February 4, 2010

Aly and Marcie come for a visit

Aly and Marcie came out for Aly to audition for the BYU music program. So lucky for us we got to see them a couple of times! And from our end of the piano Aly played wonderfully! She really is talented with her music. So as Marcie and I opted out of the photo here we have: (back to front) Grant (black sweater), next row: Ethan, Victor (face just poking through), Whitney and Tanya. Next row: Morgan in blue hat, Aly holding Alysa and Ana hiding in her hair. What a gang. Brady and his girls came over to eat dinner and say hi to everyone. Aly was a sport and played mario with the kids on the wii. She then played uno and sorry with Tanya.

These are the yummy cup cakes that they brought for dessert. Very tasty.

Now here we have a shrunken version of Troy. If he were in "Honey, I shrunk the kids" this could have been what he looked like. Ana came into the family room the other day in all of Troys clothes. What a character she is, always into something. At least this didn't involve tape, glue, carpet or markers. Our funny girl. For perspecitive, those shorts hit Troy mid thigh...


Wendy said...

Yum. After seeing both post I think I need cupcakes of funny faced chocolate chip cookies!
Nine months has been a good turning point for me. I actually enjoyed the Russian store but was so glad the cashiers spoke English as well as Russian. Alex apparently can't speak a lick anymore but could understand everything they said. They were really taken by him and in Russian told him to hug me a lot. (Not like he needs encouragement in that department!)
Missed you at lunch. Hope things are going well.

samsthree said...

I bet that was fun seeing them and listening to Aly play. I love Ana in Troy's clothes.