Sunday, February 21, 2010

pics from phone

So I just uploaded pictures from my phone and here are a few other happenings in the lives of the Kellers in February. We took the kids to see Woods Cross High Schools production of 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. We have a couple neighbors who were in it, who did a fabulous job! The kids all loved it. A handful of questions, but that is the norm any more around here.

Some random basket ball, jump shot, picture... Thanks to our tutor on Thursdays I get to go watch Grant play basket ball. It has been a lot of fun. His team plays every Tuesday and Thursday with practices Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. It keeps him super, super busy. He also ski's with the school on Wednesdays from noon to 5 pm.
Speaking of skiing, Victor, Morgan and Ethan had their last ski lessons a couple saturdays ago. Troy has been taking them up since I injured my knee. They have really enjoyed skiing and we'll see if we do it again next year. Tanya picked gymnastics to participate in this year and Ana is in ballet, Victor picked skiing. Now he wants to sign up for football. We'll see where that goes.

Here are Ana and Ethan before we headed home from St. George last Monday. This is their lizard hunting gear. A stick and a cone. They found many a lizard in the rocks at the park, even pulled a few tails off, but never got closer than that to catching one. Somewhere in the next picture there is a lizard...

The other kids and Troy spent their last minutes of sunshine playing basket ball. Tanya learning to play with the girls at church right now and has been wanting more practice time, but the sport court is still frozen over at home.

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Carol said...

Looks like quite an adventure! Warm, too. I'm jelous.