Thursday, February 4, 2010


Victor moved up to Young Mens in church and received the priesthood on January 17th. Very exciting. Then next week he passes the sacrament and did a great job. He said he was a little scared, but seems really comfortable these past couple weeks.

Tuesday night is Young Men/Young Women and last Tuesday they had a big ettiquite dinner. I guess all the boys were assigned girls to escourt into dinner and sit by during the meal. Victor of course loved the food, but wouldn't sit by the girl the entire nigtht. Thus he was running from table to table with a quick stop at his for food (he loves food!). He was laughing the entire time he was telling me about the activity. I just kept thinking he'll grow out of this too, right? Just a little reminder that emotionally he is just a child. I tried to ask him how he thought the girl felt and he just laughed... so we'll have to try again when he's calmer.

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