Sunday, May 30, 2010

Calm Sunday

We had a quiet Sunday. Attended church and then Ethan and Ana helped make tacos for lunch. They were great helpers, grating cheese, chopping tomatoes and lettuce and setting the table. We had a great lunch then played a little basketball together and pulled some weeds. Ana and Ethan were catching dragon flies and then took them to the neighbors pond to feed them to their fish. I think they spent two hours doing this. We then watched tonight's Harry Potter movie on tv and then they were off to bed. What a relaxing and enjoyable day. A couple friends then stopped by to say hi and chat and before we knew it, it was bed time for us as well. Hopefully most of our summer can be spent so well, with such good helpers. Troy says they have been on some pretty tough bike trails in Moab. I'm sure they will bring lots of pictures home.


Diana said...

JEALOUS!!! We don't know what peaceful Sundays are at our house. Sheer chaos they are!

Love the bird and hydrant picture. Very funny!

Wendy said...

I LOVE quiet Sundays.
I'm with you on the hope for a peaceful summer. I'm sure there would be more peace if I could just wallow in a dirty house, let kids eat crap continually, and provide them all the money they need for the ice cream man, movies, swimming and get them back and forth to each fun filled location. Somehow, I don't see an alien life form taking over my brain and this happening anytime soon!

Amy Rast said...

When I saw the bird and the fire hydrant picture all I could imagine was the fire hydrant suddenly blasting the bird off its peaceful perch and I couldn't help but laugh. I wondered if this symbolized last weekend. The calm before the storm.

The Horlachers said...

Nothing is nicer that having a peaceful Sunday where everyone is together and enjoying each other's company! That's what being a family is all about.