Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun Run

Last Saturday we signed the kids up for the school fundraiser, Running with the Lions. We knew I would be at the crazy mom retreat and Troy would have just gotten back in town (working hard in Singapore). We are always looking for things for the kids to do on Saturday (weekends get a little long around here still, Ukraine kids just want us to entertain them all day still). So we signed them up, poor Troy had to wake up early after a 18 hour flight, but he survived and I didn't get him a ticket so I'm sure he was grateful that he didn't have to run with them. Ethan and Ana were in the 1k race and Ethan came in 2nd place! Good Job buddy. Here they are getting ready to go.

Now for the 5k. Here are the grumpy teenage boys who like to run and wanted to, but didn't want to get up early. And a happy Morgan, even though it was bitter cold Saturday morning.

Don't know the m&m kid.

Tanya's having fun, she does like to run. She was the second girl to cross the line.

The younger boys finishing with Ethan T's dad. Can you tell we are not a family of runners? Half my kids are in their school shoes and plaid shorts. At least the older three wore jackets. Tanya can't say platypus and the kids like the cartoon Finius and Ferb and the platypus on there, so they everytime it comes on Tanya practices saying platypus. So when I saw these platypus t-shirts on clearance, I got them and the kids were then called were team platapus! Very exciting.

Morgan came in toward the end I'm told, but cheering herself along and singing, you would have thought she came in first place!


Diana said...

Yeah for dad! Yeah for kids! Yeah for you sleeping in :-)

hale said...

Great to hear your family is doing well. Tanya seems to be gifted with running!