Monday, November 15, 2010

Grant's Eagle Project

Sorry this is so last minute. Grant is doing his Eagle Project tomorrow night, Tuesday, at our church building on Eagle Pointe drive in North Salt Lake. He has about 40 fleece blankets to be cut around the edges and 15 blankets to be tied. He is then sending them to our friend Anya in Kremenchuk in the Ukraine to give to children in the orphanages that she works at. The scouts will be working on them and some of Grants friends, but we also wanted to invite anyone from Save a Child who wanted to come. We'd love to have you. It will be from 7-8:30pm and we will have some kind of treats, to be decided tomorrow : )


Wendy said...

If we make it, can he teach us all how to break apples? (Seriously, my kids need to learn this skill as they have braces and when I send them sliced they go brown!)
Not sure we can make it but we'll try!

California Garners said...

Nice project Grant! We are in the process of thinking up one for Davis. Have to get it done now that cross country is over and before track season starts. Then I start all over again when Nathaniel turns 11 next month. No more cub scouts for me :(