Friday, November 19, 2010

Science Projects

Grant's science project was to see how different spectrums of light affected plants. So he put plants under white light and a black light for three weeks to see how they did. Overall the flowering plants faired better than the leafy plants under both lights. The leafy plants under the black light thrived at first then wilted.

Morgans project was to see how different ingredients behaved when placed on fruit. She did pears and apples and put vinegar, salt, sugar, baking soda and cinnamon on apple and pear slices. It was interesting to see how the apples dried or didn't dry out and their coloring.

Victor placed four bean seeds in bags with wet cotton balls and put one in dark closet, one in the pantry (open and closed), one in the window and one out side. The dark closet one grew the most, I think because it was in the warmest area of the house but it was yellow and white. The pantry one grew a lot too, was greener than the dark closet, but less leaves than the window. Window one grew slower, but more leaves and healthiest. One outside never sprouted, too cold.

Fun Month at the Kellers!

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