Sunday, November 28, 2010

Off to Florida

This is what we left last week so we could soak up some Florida sun shine. This is a bit of the snow we got a couple days before we left. Sunday morning we had a good foot of snow on the ground and we were worried that we wouldn't be flying out. But we took off, an hour or so late, but we were in the air.

kids making messes on the plane

Victor would hide everywhere. Trying to scare or trip people, by the second day Ana joined in so we had to ban then from ducking and hiding. Luckily we never lost anyone... well we lost Tanya twice but found her within 10 minutes or so, so not too lost just doing her own thing. Monday we went to Disney World! It was sooo packed, even the locals were telling us they hadn't seen it so crowded. Here we are waiting to take the ferry over.

Pluto was the favorite character by far


The girls loved that the castle changed colors, here it is pink

Ana really wanted a balloon but didn't want one once we told her she couldn't take it home on the plane with her. Whew, 10$ for a balloon just doesn't seem like a good deal

We headed back to the house for dinner and swimming and then a few of us returned to ride a couple more rides, we had 9 pm fast passes for space mountain. I couldn't refuse a ride on space mountain...

these were to document that grandma rode a ride in Disney World! Couldn't talk her into a second round


Sharline said...

Carlin, I am soooooo sad that I wasn't able to see you somehow! We live in Florida now, in Jacksonville, which is only about 2 1/2 hours from Disney! I'm glad you all had fun, though! Hopefully sometime in the near future I can give you a hug! Love you!

Stacie said...

Love the pictures. I am sure you had a million more. Miss you guys already. Austin can't stop talking about Grant. The only problem is he is still asking if we are going on the boat and the ocean with Grant. One of these days we will go on a disney cruise together. Love your family!

Stacie said...

lucky it has not snowed alot