Thursday, November 11, 2010


Crayon Morgan headed out the door first on Saturday to go trick or treating and hang out with her friend Becca. Then Victor snuck out -good thing I already have lots of pictures of him in his costume- to also go with a friend and then he ended up staying and eating and watching a movie with Sam's family. I bribed Grant with treats and offered the house to a bunch of boys to hang out or play video games if they DIDN'T go Trick or Treating this year. It went over well and Troy took them to VI at 10:30 for breakfast, but they just ate pie!
So that left Tanya, Ethan and Ana to go trick or treating around the neighborhood. It was raining and even with her coat on, Ana lasted about 20 minutes. So she became my helper and handed out treats the the cute kids that braved the rain. Tanya and Ethan went until their buckets were breaking. As we have always done, with the exception of last year, we told the kids to eat what they wanted that night and the next day but then it goes in the community basket for lunches and what not (like bribery) and then is thrown out so I don't eat it all. So they ate some Saturday and went to bed and got up and traded and ate more Sunday. Tanya amazed us again this year as in one hour she unwrapped and ate her entire bucket of candy! I don't know how she doesn't get sick. Ana and Victor did the same last year, but ate on and off all day and then dumped half of their treats in the community bucket. Its nice to know that they have developed trust with us and know that there is food and treats and don't have to eat everything in sight any more. Victor still has a crazy appetite and if he's hungry and it's something he likes he can still pack away more food than anyone else in the family. I'd say Tanya and Grant are a close second, Grant just needs to eat a full meal every two hours!

Tiff made the cute pin and hair clip (looks the same as pin). She is so creative and talented. The girls have loved them, in fact Morgan wore hers to school again yesterday! Thanks

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Tiffany said...

The pin looks so cute on Morgan! And the costumes are all awesome! the kids look like they had a great time.