Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Friday, september 3rd & weekend

 Just the garden.  Ana has been so excited that we have a pumpkin growing in the garden that we had to take some pictures.  We've had a great year this year with peas and beans, then about 10 cucumbers, a couple zucchinis and tons of tomatoes coming on.  We've used lots of Rosemary and chives, and some of the basil and parsley.  It's been great.
Friday after school Morgan wanted to celebrate Jr. High by walking down to Nelson's from the school to get ice cream.  These are the cute girls that accompanied her, they had a great time.

Sunday Morgan and Ana were actually being kind to one another and decided they could make brownies together so I had to capture the moment!  Hopefully all of the playing mean tricks on each other phase is over, we moved Ana upstairs and they seem to be getting along a lot better.

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samsthree said...

Love the pic with morgan and grandma, your garden (we really need one too), and hanging out with friends getting ice cream!