Thursday, September 15, 2011

This week

So I got a crepe pan this week and we decided to make crepes, Ana and Victor are super excited!  We found a Russian Blini recipe to try to... made with sour cream.  Ana put it on every type of crepe we made!

Troy's new styling glasses for night driving.

Anas injured, but ok foot.  Ethan shoot a nerf dart under the neighbors garage door as it was shutting so  Ana stuck her foot under the door to try and stop it from shutting but instead it shut on her foot.  She couldn't get it out, but it was good Ethan was there and was able to run around and have them reopen the door.  The foot was a bit red, but nothing broken.

So yesterday the neighbors brought over flowers and a bag of candy to check on Ana.  So that night while Ana and Ethan were eating her candy Ethan said that he would get his foot stuck in a garage door for a bag of candy. Which lead to other things that could happen so they could get their feet smashed. Then Ana told him that he needed to wear his crocks when he did it so that they would keep his toes from being broken!  Other than the thought that they might both go get there feet smashed under another garage door, it was a funny converstion they were having.

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samsthree said...

I would love that recipe for crepes. We love crepes.
cool glasses troy. Ana, ugg I hope your foot doesn't hurt too bad.