Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fishing Alaska

 Troy's parents go to Alaska to fish every September.  We are the lucky recipients of a box of salmon every fall, very delicious for us.  This year Troy decided to take the boys and go up and fish Alaska with his parents.  They just returned this evening with a couple hundred pounds of fish!  They had a wonderful time and here are some of their fishy pictures.  Troy will have to write stories if there are stories to tell...

This is the ferry ride from Ketchican airport to the larger island.  This was to have been the site of the famed "bridge to nowhere" as Ketchican is quite small and while it would have been quite useful to the few hundred residents there, probably not enough to justify the billion dollars.
I don't know.  Don't remember this picture.
Downtown Ketchican
Ethan on the footpath over some water.  Several streets of Ketchican are built over water, as the changes in tide are dramatic and the mountains come right down to the ocean, so there is not a lot of flat ground left over to build on.

Victor and Ethan spent a lot of time running around the docks finding starfish and trying to catch cod (which they did once on their own!).  The dock guys would yell at them to put on life jackets.  Why didn't I think of that?

Ethan trolling and waiting for a big one to hit!
Grandma trolling and waiting for a big one to hit!
The first day, Grant, Victor and Kim manned one of the boats and did well.

One of the few pictures including Grant, because after the first morning, Grant was in the boat with Grandma and Grandpa while I was in with Kim, Victor and Ethan.

This was our haul from just the morning of day 2.  We had quite the efficient salmon-fishing team going and it shows from the tons of fish we brought in (more than most all the other boats going out).  It helped that we had four rods in the water (most other boats had 2 or 3 people). 
This was the "triple" we scored.  Three fish on at the same time!  We must have gotten into a school of them.  It was a crazy 5 minutes trying to net them and keep them from tangling into each other as they rocketed back and forth and under the boats.
Ethan on the front of the boat.  I made them wear life jackets if they went up there, so Victor rarely did.
Trolling with the downriggers.  Those pretty islands in view were all over the place.
Not sure what to say about this picture.  Kim was taking care of some business in the back of the boat and Ethan and Victor shielded their eyes so as to not see something that would scar them for life!
This is the picture of the bear cub we saw.  Except that I was too slow and by the time the camera shot went, he had disappeared.
Ethan driving the boat.  He loved it.

Biggest fish of day 3.  Yes, that is blood, but fish blood.  We had to wack them to keep them from flopping into everything on the boat, and sometimes the blood would fly!
Last day we went to see some sites.  This and the next several pictures are of the local indian totem poles.  Grant took pictures of each one for the report he has to do for school.

The whole Keller crew, including Kim, Grandma and Grandpa, Klint and Betsy and me and the boys.

Ketchican walkway again.  I didn't realize I'd taken a very similar picture of Ethan the first day.

I tried to take a lot of pictures of the fish jumping up the crazy waterfalls so they could go spawn.  This is the only shot where a fish turned out visible in the foto.  See the tail as it is plunging back down.
catching up on homework so they can return to school bright and early in the morning!


samsthree said...

so much fun, I bet the boys had a blast. A great trip for them to go on with fam. Hope you had a restful week while they were gone.

Wendy said...

What a great trip! My husband would LOVE something like this and we LOVE salmon so maybe we'll look into it....when we retire!
Fun stuff.