Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day four or saturday

We left a bit early so we could stop at the orphanage. They said we couldn't take pics. Sorry morgan. Erica, donya, idallya and Cindy were there. They said there are about 60 kids that come to school, about 20 that stay overnight during the week and then we had 6 there for the weekend. We visited and I was able to read an English/Spanish book with Cindy, Erica and donya, which I loved :). Then we played the fruit basket game and did the hokie pokie, which the girls loved. Then we left them. It was sad.

We delivered Hygiene kits for Tristan's eagle project. What an awesome project to do! He will be so happy he did it one day. I only took pictures with my camera, none with my phone. Then we went back to the school to watch the boys play basket ball and so see the dance performances. It was great and the kids did wonderfully.

Then off to the beach for dinner. The water was warm and we found shells as we walked along. I was sad not to see the sunset with morgan. Loved playing with you in Nicaragua two years ago Morgs!! Missed you. The girls miss you. A couple girls from the orphanage (no longer there) that were attending the high school asked where you were. But I didn't miss Amy's fish. Alma did order a whole fish, not as awesome as Amy's but worthy of a picture.

My yummy. Yummy shrimp and chocolate and coconut ice cream :). Why has no one in the states made coconut ice cream!?!?! So yummy. Then we wandered around the square and headed back to the hotel. 10pm on a Friday night. Ready for face time, a shower! And some sleep.

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