Thursday, March 21, 2013

Resort in Nicaragua

Sorry no wifi the past two days. The resort we stayed at is so-so, but the pool and beach were wonderful. Still 98 degrees so everyone seemed to get sun burned no matter how much sun screen was applied! Jayna and I got up at 7 and walked on the beach both mornings. It was so nice and not too hot at that time. The first morning the tide was so far out, we had to walk and walk to get to the waves. And it was pretty shallow, but this morning the tide was up to the sand with the chairs. The water was a great temperature, it felt so nice.

On our way to Granada we stopped at the potters (where I bought my big vase two years ago). It was fun to see that in two years his studio has doubled in size. He has a few more wheels and has students he teaches.

Half the group went on to ride in the boats around some islands to see/feed the monkeys, I returned with those who had been before to the hotel colonial in Granada and did a little shopping in the square. We are heading out to dinner now. So, adios.

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Photos from my camera...
We attended the dedication of the Honduras temple Sunday morning.  It was awesome to see everyone cleaned up, especially to see all the boys in their white shirts.  The meeting was also very beautiful, there was a sweet spirit there.

 We walked over to the market East of the church and walked around for a bit before heading back to check out of our hotel.

 Tanya, this is where I bought your shoes.

 Morgan do you remember this church?  Thats the bell you were sitting under in our picture!  This is the largest church in Central America.  We headed across the square for lunch.  Very good food.

 Souvenir shopping on the beach after our walk and breakfast.

 Jayna found a child to give the apron Sydney made to.

 Granada at 4:30 am...

phone pictures

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