Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day one in Nicaragua

First day in Nicaragua :). I helped to teach a class of first graders art and music. They were so adorable! Loved being in there with them. The next class I worked with was a little more rambunctious. Then we had lunch and some of the American kids here (we have 11 here this year) taught some of the Nicaraguan students the Boot scoot and boogie line dance. Then I helped in the sewing class in the afternoon. Our translator kept leaving so I helped angelika as best I could and then alma (translator) had to tell her why we did certain things the way we did. Interesting, but she is a quick learner and sewed a beautiful pillow case. We then returned to the hotel in Leon. Wish morgan, amy and Mary were here :) same hotel we stayed at two years ago. Had a dinner that took only about an hour to arrive, morgan you'd appreciate that :). Had some very very yummy coconut ice cream! Mmmm and then returned to the hotel Austria. Quite the day. Oh by the way next week is suppose to be the hottest week of the year. It's been 99 degrees all week and today we had a breeze and it was only 91 degrees. Everyone at the school said it was the nicest day all month! Thank heaven for little miricles!

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