Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day two in Nicaragua

A lovely breeze blowing again today and low 90s. So grateful for the nice weather. It's the end of summer and so it's not as humid as I was expecting it (this is their dry season). We arrived at the school and this darling woman made Jayna this very cool swan folded from 100's of little papers. Jayna had bought a mango from her the day before. So kind.

Joined in on a bit of dancing today before sewing class. So much fun, no wonder the kids want to stay all day with her!

Alena got some kids to help her sort buttons.

Everyone sewed button holes today. It took about an hour, I was so impressed.

Finished projects and Jayna teaching music. I watched her yesterday too because we teach a little of this to the elementary kids tomorrow. (Tried with the 2nd graders today, they did great w the rhythm, but not so great with following notes to play a song...)

Visited LaCar's home to see his art work. He is a young adult that the group came across last year who has never had an art class, but is very talented. His mother makes and sales pottery (lots of piggy banks of farm animals that you see for sale along the roads).

It was a great day. We headed back too late to go to the mud pits, so we stopped for a dinner of pizza and then back to the hotel to shower and hit the hay. Night.

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