Saturday, April 13, 2013


We had a bunch of names for baptisms. Since Ana turned 12 she can now do baptisms! So Troy took grant, Tanya, victor and Ana to the temple tonight to do baptisms for all of our names tonight and then out to dinner after. Ethan, morgan and I hung out with Tricia's kiddos while they attended his work party. Fun to play with baby Nash.

For Ana it was a big day. The beehive youth group woke her up at 7:30 to go to breakfast for her 12th birthday. It was fun. We had fruit, scones and eggs. Super yummy. Juliette had the breakfast at her home and her son spent the night with Ethan at our house so they could get up at 7 and go fishing with Troy!

Tanya had a friend spend the night also! They played night games with Morgan's friends - even though it was chilly, they invited the new neighbor boy how moved in yesterday! What will summer bring? They then stayed up to watch the hunger games, Tanya is in love with peata (sp?)! It was great for Tanya to have a friend over all day Saturday, I don't think she was bored once.

Troy and victor made it out for a bike ride and helped clean the church after the stake RS quilting event. Grant took the act test again, cross your fingers! No, he did great on his last one, so hopefully he's set to apply to colleges in the fall! Phew, does that cover everyone? Hmmm. Morgan spent most of the day at musical theater practice, the jr. High is doing Oklahoma! in two weeks. Got to get on her outfit!

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