Thursday, April 4, 2013

March - wrap up

 Morgan had two orchestra concerts in two weeks!  We had Klint and Betsy's family for the weekend.  Fun to have all the cousins around.  So cute to see Kate so grown up!  The boys came calling when she was in town. 

Grant's been taking tons of pictures of hikes and sunsets... 

The next Saturday was Ethan's 11th birthday.  Love that sweet kid!  All he wanted was these laser battling helicopters, too easy to please.  We ended up at our favorite burger joint, Crown Burger.  Mmmm, nothing compares. Then went home for ice cream cake and to open Ethan's birthday presents. He was so excited.

Last but not least, all the kids in their Easter clothes, who knows where Ethan's jacket and pants are.... some things will forever be a mystery!


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Andreas said...

What a great family! Love the pictures, and all the smiles. Everyone if growing up!