Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Break and middle of April

 The last three days of spring break Troy took the oldest three to St. George to ride bikes.  On the way down they stopped and hiked Bryce National Park.  They rode bikes Friday and Saturday morning, even fished somewhere and then made it home in time to set up chairs for the priesthood session of conference.  The next Tuesday we celebrated Ana's birthday with cake and ice cream and a few more presents (her big gift was getting her ears pierced over spring break with cousin Grayce.  As she turned 12 this year we welcomed her into Beehives by kidnapping her for breakfast!

 Random things.  Blurry picture of Morgan at Spanish day at BYU.  She had a blast, but didn't want me to come for fear I would take pictures of her.  So all I got is this blurry phone pic.  Tanya blowing bubbles and then receiving her awards at LPA's basket ball dinner Saturday night.  Friday night we attended Victors wrestling dinner, didn't get a picture.  We had Ethan T staying with us this weekend while his parents were out of town.  Grant snuck these pictures Sunday morning of them hanging out on the patio eating crackers in their church clothes.  If I couldn't find the boys I would look out on the deck and they were usually just hanging out and chatting in the lounge chairs.  Too cute, glad they are both so chill and like to just hang out.  Amazing for 11 year olds.  They were great and even went to bed at night.  They were really sweet and let Ana tag along all weekend too.  Ana started blocking their train track on Minecraft and they lost xbox priveldges for a bit.  The boys were fine and found other things to do, Ana has been pouty and complaining nothing is fair.  Strange since she was the one to create the problem in the first place, so she lost some computer time too and has pouted all Sunday.  We had Odie over for dinner tonight, he helped me with the kids thier first year into the summer.  He just laughed when he saw her, looks like the old Ana is back.  Yep, she just gets so jealous of everyone and everything.  She can be really happy and then in the blink of an eye plotting to get you.  So as soon as Ethan t went home she was telling everyone she was sorry and acting like nothing happened.  Just super jealous I guess!  Hopefully that means tomorrow will be a sunny day at the Kellers if Ana is happy!

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