Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break

 We stayed in town for spring break this year.  We had thought of going to Idaho for Easter, Betsy was kind enough to invite us up, but Victor did well in wrestling - took 4th place in his weight catagory.  Good Job Victor!  So he went to the district meet on Friday.  Since Troy had Good Friday off we stayed home for the weekend.  Troy and I went out and got to spend some time together Friday, then Troy spent the rest of the day with my parents at Viewmont High School watching the wrestlers.  Victor won his second match, but lost his first and last so didn't continue on.  But it was a great experience for him and he got to wear his 4th place medal all day at school Friday. 

Troy had meetings in California Monday and Tuesday, so I hung out with the kids and we cleanded out closets and bedrooms.  4 large sacks of clothes to be given away!  Grant and Morgan made awesome posters for her to run for 9th grade office on Monday!  Exciting.  The kids went on lots of hikes and bike rides together those first few days also.

Wednesday we were going to go to the zoo.  My parents got us city passes for birthdays this year, instead of Lagoon passes (thank you, I'm about Lagooned out!).  Tanya we found out hadn't been to Hogle Zoo.  But it was so packed we couldn't find parking in three different lots and the line went clear out to the parking lot... so we decided to go to Red Butte Garden instead.  It too is right by Troy's office so he met us over there and we wandered around.  It was a nice, calm activity - I bet the flowers will be beautiful in about 6 weeks.  Then we had lunch with Troy at his office.  When they saw the whole family was in town they gave us the seats in the box to the Jazz game that night.  I didn't have to cook the entire day!  Total plus.

Thursday morning Troy took the three oldest to St. George to ride bikes.  So far all I've heard about was Tanya getting pulled over for speeding, but the officer let her off with a warning!  So lucky since all she has right now is her learners permit!  In one bike ride they popped and had to change 4 tires!  That makes for a LONG ride.

Thursday Morgan and I ran errands, did some shopping and worked on her campaign stuff and one of her Personal Progress projects!  I got some curtains ordered and bulletin boards made for YW.  We made dinner watched a movie and off to bed.  Such a calm and productive day.  Friday Morgan had a friend over for a Tea Party lunch and to watch a movie.  Ethan, Ana and I met my mom and Tricia and her kids to go see a cartoon.  Ana decided she wanted her ears peirced instead of a bike for her birthday (she changes her mind every two days...) so cousin Grayce went with us and we got Ana some earings and her ears pierced!  She'll be 12 on Tuesday.  Very exciting birthday.  The cousins then hung out at Grandma's for the afternoon and put up the trampoline. 

I have to say I love General Conference.  I love it even more with only three kids home, you can actually listen and even take notes!  We cleaned out the 72 hour kits during the first session and then inbetween sessions we redid all the food and water and put the kits back together.  Last time we did it was 2010.  Good thing I got really large clothing sizes, they should work for another year or so...  The kids have been chowing on rock hard beef jerkey all day.  Yuck!

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