Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ethan cast & Aly bridal shower - March

The first week of March Ethan broke his arm.  He was playing football at recess, he went to pick up the ball and two kids crashed into him and he snapped both bones just an inch away from his wrist.  He's been in good spirits and hasn't really complained at all.  He was in a splint for a week and then he got his cast on.  As you can see it's half blue and half green.  After his first day of school with it, it was covered in signatures.  Good thing it's a water proof cast so he can still go to Belize with us for spring break.

Saturday, March 22nd, the girls and I had a bridal shower for Aly.  It was so fun and so many people came.  Thanks to help from my friends Suzie and Stacie with food and decorations and ideas it turned out beautiful!  Congrats to Aly, the first cousin to get married!  June 14th is the day out in NYC and Connecticut.

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