Thursday, March 27, 2014

Belize - day 1

 We got on a red eye at 12:45 am Wednesday morning (march 26th) and flew to Atlana.  Hung out in the airport for a few hours and got on a flight to Belize which landed around 11am Wednesday morning.  We got in our 15 passenger van - yes, that's how we are traveling this trip.  Luggage room and two kids per row, perfect fit for our family.  Lots of space.

We headed off towards Guatamala on the farm country type roads.  The rental place told us where to turn by land marks, there really aren't any signs.  That said, there aren't really many roads either.  Four main highways, maybe a couple other paved roads in town and then it's all dirt roads.  We did turn left at the cell tower and made it to the Western Hwy to the town of San Ignacia.  We stopped there for lunch and a little shopping.  Lunch brought back memories of nicaragua for Morgan in that it took about an hour to make lunch, they cook fresh from when you order so for a group of eight, it was a bit of a wait.  The girls checked out different shops during this time.  I bought a cd of Garifuni music for the drive and Morgan bought some worry dolls.  The boys visited with a drunk who kept coming by and sitting down when the girls went shopping.  Hopefully that will make everyone think twice about ever dinking.?.?  Lunch was good and then we got directions to the Parrot Nest Lodge a few miles out of town.  After turning down a couple wrong dirt roads we finally made it!  The kids were unpacked and in their swim suits and down to the Mopan River before we could blink.  We took some tubes and walked back into town to a bridge and set a float in the river.  Those pics are on my phone.  I took my phone in a zip lock so I could take pictures, but it had some small holes and water ended up in my phone...  it spent the next couple days drying out.

Dinner at the lodge was delicious, the kids went to get ready for bed - it was like 9 pm, but pitch dark.  By the time Troy and I got to the cabins (girls cabin and boys cabin) the kids were in bed and asleep.

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Stacie said...

What an amazing trip. Brings back lots of memories. Loved all the pictures, you have a great eye for that. I loved your comments on the kids and what was happening.