Monday, March 31, 2014

belize - day 6

 Above is Ethan and the lizard he caught.  He was showing Troy when it ran and they grabbed it and pulled it's tail right off.  Poor thing.  So our last day in beautiful Belize.  We signed up for a snorkeling tour.  It was a lot of fun.  We stopped at this little island to pick up gear and then we snorkeled in a shallow area with our guides and 8 other people.  The first thing we saw when we put our heads in the water were some sting rays.  One of the guides dove down and pushed them so they swam around, out of the sand.  We saw different fish and coral.  We were surprised for how blue and beautiful the water was that the coral was all greyish brown and not very pretty at all.  We snorkeling over some coral and the guide pointed to a nurse shark.  He then dove down and grabbed it and I think Tanya was screaming underwater or something.  A couple of the other women with us were pretty freaked out too.

When we got back in the boat to go to another area, out by the breakers, we went by this island they call bird island.  There were a lot of birds and it smelled like birds too.  This other place we snorkeled in was deeper and as we got close to the reef the waves got bigger.  We saw a couple things there and then we headed back to shallower water.  We saw more of the green parrot fish, lots and lots of the yellow and black stripped fish and blue fish.  The one guide showed us some orange fire coral that can burn you.  So we stayed away from that.  At the end the guide saw a large manta ray and he dove down and grabbed it tail and it pulled him for a bit.  I think most of the kids thought that that was the most exciting part of the dive.

We headed back very sunburned!  We watched tv, packed and walked the beach a last time to say good-bye.  We were up at 6am and in the car to get to the airport by 9am.  Loved that three of the 4 highways were paved, one lane roads.  Made for some fun and bumpy travel.  We got a rock in the windshield at the very end and Troy and the car dealer got in a bit of an arguement over how much it would cost to fix/replace.  Great ending to our trip, eh?  No it was good.  For the most part everyone got along well and no one was too needy/annoying.  Progress.

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