Saturday, March 29, 2014

Belize - day 3

 These are our lovely huts that we stayed in at the Parrot Nest Lodge.  These two had bathrooms and showers in them.  Other than the boys having a couple scorpions to deal with in their shower, they were great.  We also had the breakfast and dinners here and they were great.

 Troy, our driver.  Bit distracted as he was on a conference call while driving.  We headed back into San Ignacia to meet our guides for the cave tubing expedition.  We followed them in our van so that we could head on down the highway after tubing and the zip line.  I don't have any pictures of us tubing because I didn't want to risk getting my camera or phone wet again.  So we did go through these really cool caves, no rapids and a bit of a slow float.  We did have head lamps so we could look at the stalagtights.  We came out and floated the rest of the way in the warm sunshine.  It was lovely (it was a 45 min walk up the river, then we ended back where we parked the car).

Ethan, yes the child in the cast, really wanted to go zip lining.  Grant talked Troy into it when they went in to pay for the trip.  I think everyone liked the zip lines as much or even more than the tubing.  Fun times.

 After floating the river and going on the zip line we headed South to the town of Hopkins.  We stopped at the blue hole on the way.  It was a sink hole that has filled with mineral water or spring.  Then we continued on down to Hopkins.  The kids got about an hour in at the beach while I unpacked some things.  Then we had dinner, just spaghetti, in the kitchen at the villa. Then once again we were all beat and headed to bed...  till tomorrow.

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