Monday, January 5, 2015

First letter of the year from Grant (week 8 in France)

So, we engaged Thibauts girlfriend to baptism this week! Always exciting asking that question!

We had a district meeting this week and Elder Perry, being the district leader, asked for my help in planning an activity! :D The activity that we set up was done in the Lyon institute building where they have more space and extra rooms. We got a street board that said "Today we are teaching how to set new years resolutions that will make you happy!" Now I know what you are all thinking " the French are to lazy to set goals for a whole year" and if I told you that was wrong I would be lying and that is something that the lords servants can not do! Most times when we asked people if they had set up goals for the new years they give a little smerk with a face that says "who do you think I am" and as many times as we got that face we got them into the institute building!

So what happened once we got them into the institute building? We had three different classes rooms set up. The first talked about how to be happy, our purpose on earth and what makes us happy. The second room taught them how to set good goals, goals that are acheiveable and helped you be happy! The third room was 100percent(yes I still cant find the percent sign on these French keyboards) centered on Jesus Christ, and they talked about how Jesus Christ can help you accomplish your new happy new years goals! It was a good activity! We dragged lots of people in and got the Lyon companions some good new investigators through this activity!

A new exciting French sauce. Two days ago Elder Perry and I contacted a man with the name of ALFRADO! Yes, someone here in France named their child after speghetti sauce! No, Alfrado is from Columbia. We talked to him for about ten minuets on the street before Elder Perry invited him to take a tour of the church! Miraculously he said yes! We showed him the geneology center and the chapel and explained the significance of each room before sitting him down in a breakout room and teaching him the restoration of the gospel, the first missionary lesson. Three minuets into the restoration Elder Perry got a call from the Zone leaders so he stood up and talked to them at the back of the room. I honestly haven't been in a situation where Elder Perry couldn't bail me out when it comes to French, but, here was my first! I taught through the entire restoration pamphlet and introduced the book of mormon to Alfrado before Elder Perry's call was finished (did I mention that I did it all in French? #Miracles). I couldn't have been happier when he said that he wanted to learn more! We set up a following Rondez-vous for Wednesday! 

I think that Alfrado is going to be a good investigator. He seemed genuinely interested in our lesson and said he wants to bring more people to our next lesson. I also felt an amazing calmness when teaching the lesson to Alfrado, it is still incredibly hard to explain, my body just felt completely at peace while teaching him. There were no distractions, my mind didn't wander, French just seemed to roll out of my mouth without much translating in my head. It just felt Right! It is exactly what I would say the word serene feels like, and it helped that Alfrado is a very queit and focused man. We asked him what he felt during the lesson and he said he felt peace and calmness. I might not be a scientist but by the evidence given the spirit was definitely present during that lesson.

I love you all dearly and wish you a good new years with smart, happy goals in mind!
Elder Keller

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