Monday, January 12, 2015

Grant's pday letter (week 9 in France)

Le photos
I want you to find the picture of the little yellow tag. Thats my motto for the rest of this transfer! To find love EVERYWHERE! 

The man in the parka is Fr. L, hes a super strong member and equally weird. He has a wine museum in his back yard...

Laurant opening his mission call! Hes going to ENGLAND! All he wanted was to speak English! 

The pictures of the other catholic building in Chalon with a super cool sky!

Madame B! Madame B is a black woman from guinea who Elder Perry taught for a few months before I got to Chalon. Saturday was the first time that I got to meet her! We had a lesson at her house. Our goal for this lesson was to remind her of her baptismal promise and why that was so important. After a few minuets of talking about the benefits of baptism our member Fr. L said "and this is the first step in living with your family forever" and that turned our lesson all over the place. Madame B is very loud and sometimes that comes of a little strong, but she got even louder and more "upset" sounding, and from what I understood she was talking about her family, and her ferocity(Dad, can I use this word to describe an investigator?) rose one more level and then Tears. Tears everywhere. She told us how her ex-husband had started beating their two kids. 
If it wasn't for Fr.L I have no idea how the rest of the lesson would have gone; he started comforting her and telling her that she will be okay. He even tied it back into the atonement and our meeting went good from there. She came to church yesterday and we had a healthy discussion on covenants and what they are. Madame B is a wonderful woman who I look forward to meeting with this week!

Sunday evening, after church, we met with a nice woman that Elder Olsen and I contacted over two months ago; her name is A. A is very Muslim, and when we talked with her yesterday she couldn't help but correct us on all of our religious "principals". She was teaching us how to pray and who was actually a prophet and she spent ten minuets talking about Mohammad but eventually we got talking about Jesus Christ, and his atonement, and how that can help us through any trial. Then more tears, she started crying and told us about how her husband was filing divorce papers and how she just lost her job and needs to claim unemployment. Our lesson was about over so we promised her that this Wednesday, for our next discussion, we will explain how Christ's atonement can help us with all of our trials! I am looking forward to Wednesday!

Those tears were the highlight of this week! Being able to help broken people find joy in life by building their faith Jesus Christ gives you the Best feelings in the world!

I wish you all well! it seems I have 5 emails between mom and dad so Ill write you next week! :D

Elder Keller

Hello Everyone,

I just sent an email with a few pictures, if you couldn't open it I'll also post them on the blog.

This was all Elder Keller had to write about the stuff going on in Paris (in my email):

Yeah we haven't heard much from Paris and all the mission rules have gotten stricter. We have to be in earlier and we can only use our genealogy questionnaire to contact people. 

and Josh I think he's pretty excited for you -
I HAD NO IDEA THAT JOSH GOT HIS MISSION CALL! I just heard that he put in papers!!! Ahh thats so cool!!! 


Just a note that last wednesday two men shot 5 people at the Charlie Hebdo publication (it's like the Onion in the states).  The police killed the men Friday and an officer was shot Friday by another man supporting the muslims who attacked on Wednesday.  I heard from a friend, that Paris had pretty much been shut down since Wednesday.  We never felt worried for Grant, it is about a 4 1/2 hour drive from Paris to Lyon, and he is serving just outside of Lyon right now.

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