Monday, January 19, 2015

letter and pictures from Elder Keller (week 10 in France)

So the coolest new investigator that we got this week was Justinian Ducour! He is the Elders quorum president's son and on Monday he sent us a text saying "hey, I want to stop smoking when can you come help?" Obviously we were like YEAH! So we saw him on Tuesday; when we got to the Ducour's house his dad opened the door and sat us down at the table. Justinian came in from his bed room wearing saggy pants and a T-shirt with a scary looking bulls head on it. We got talking to him and just asked him why he wanted to stop and such. Turns out he came to the conclusion that he doesn't like smoking and wants to do more with his life! Elder Perry and I were both very excited; we gave him the "how to quit smoking in 7 days" packet! The packet is about four pages long and just talks about all the things that one needs to do to break the smoking habit. One of the points on there was to find an active outdoors activity. That was hard for Justinian because in France after the age of 16 you don't have to go to school and....well, lets just say Justinian has been playing video games for like two years straight sooooo he isn't the most active person. But he really likes 2K14 and watching basketball so we convinced him to let us come play basketball for a few minuets next week! I am really excited to help Justinian! One of the things on the "how to auit smoking in 7 days" packet is to pray and have faith in Heavenly Father! When we asked him if he thought God would help him in his quest to quit smoking he said yes! That was super good news! I look forward to helping Justinian next week!

Françoi. We found Françoi out contacting one night about a month ago, however, his dad just passed away recently and was a member of the Lyon ward. Also, Françoi's dad was a pretty active member because news spread up into Chalon. After we heard this we remembered that we found his son the other night! We called him up and asked him if he wanted to meet with and talk about what his dad believed in and the Plan of Salvation! Françoi agreed and we met him at the church Thursday Night. 
Françoi is about 5'11 and RIPPED. He is a manual labor worker for a brick wall company and just lifts bricks all day so it was a little intimidating when he was sitting on the other side of the table from us. We started talking about this life and our objective here on earth, we moved on to the after life and what heaven is like, after a little more explaining Elder Perry told him that the first step in getting to heaven is to be baptized. I kid you not when I say that Elder erry gave him the Baptismal question in the most natural and normal way I ever could have imagined! Françoi wasn't taken back, in fact, when he asked him it seemed completely normal! Definitely something I hope to be able to do one day! Françoi said he would be baptized if his Girl Friend warmed up to the idea. Flash back to our first contact with Françoi on the street. We walked up to this couple on the street and asked them if they would like to take a questionnaire, the girl friend leaned in and squinted trying to read our name tags, after a second she went OOOOH NO Jesus Christ and tried to pull Françoi away. Françoi, being the bulky man that he was didn't budge when she pulled him and said "allez" in french that means "you go". We gave him the questionaire and he was actually interested in what we had to say and wanted to learn more. In my mind I was thinking "she's going to be a fun one. The lesson after that was great. We taught him about the restoration and gave him that lesson too! When we left we gave him the engagement to Read the title page of the book of mormon and read the Restoration pamphlet. We have been praying for Françoi and our second lesson with him on Tuesday!

Saturday SPORTS! So, every Saturday the branch has "samdi sportif" to encourage less active members and invite other members to come get to know the members of the branch! This was the first Samdi Sportif of the year annnnnd our turnout was two companions of missionaries, Lauraunt, who basically is a missionary( he's 20 and got his call to england! :D) and Justininian's sister Anne(who is less active). We played Ultimate Frisbee with them, they seemed to enjoy it!

Brother Picard, Brother Picard is about 50 years old and less active. Recently he let us into his appartment and we have been trying to get him to come back to church. He has a really long sad story of falling away but that happened years ago and we're hoping that we can reactivate him! He LOOOOVES gospel music and the best part is his gospel choir that he sings in! We visited one of their practices it went like this. We walked up to the building, we could hear people singing on the inside and it didn't sound to bad and I was thinking "it is going to be fun to hear a French choir" then Swoosh, the door opens up and we see about 40 people, all older then 40, just singing their hearts out while this skinny guy in skinnier pants and a greaser jacket from the 60's is playing individual notes on a flimsy electronic keyboard. I couldn't help laughing because every time he shook his head "no" his Gotea swooshed around! Anyways, this chorister was trying to help this choral sing the right notes because, I hate to say it, but they were not good at singing. If you asked me to place money on it I would guess 1/2 of everyone there was tone deaf. We found Brother Picard and started looking at his music sheet and singing with him. About half was into the song I realized that all these people are singing gospel music, IN ENGLISH! It was fantastic! Just good old classic " PRAISE JESUS!" kinda music!

Anyways, I love you guys! Thank you for all the emails and prayers so far; Please pray for Justinian, Françoi and Brother Picard, they need the prayers!

Elder Keller

 The castle is super cool looking!! found it on a car ride to a less actives (we have over 100 less actives in our area so we see lots of them)
Laurant is the kid in yellow and the blue kid on the bridge, hes like almost a missionary so he hangs out with us a lot!
I made Sheppards pie this week and a TON of breakfast burritos, thought I would send you pictures :)
It may have rained the night before frisbee so we may be a little muddy.

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