Monday, July 13, 2015

Grant's letter July 13, 2015

Sent: Monday, July 13, 2015 9:26 AM
Subject: Voila, sa famille

So, we spent almost five days this week in Toulouse....not in our
sector. But don't go thinking that Elder Pitsy and I are apostate! Oh
contraire! We had our zone P-day in Toulouse so we spent all of Monday
bowling and hitting up all the big stores in Toulouse while checking
out some of the collage campus down there! They have an international
business school that teaches are their classes in english!

Tuesday we did our First exchange with the zone leaders. I came up to
Rodez with elder Sorenson, we taught Patrick and Madame Gil both in

the same day! haha, it was pretty fun.
Wednesday Sorenson and I did a little bit of proselyting before
heading back down to Toulouse to get ready for our First Zone
conference with President Brown which was held on Thursday!

We were all sitting in the chapel when President Brown walked in he
had his wife present first :P then they showed a slide show of their
family! When President Brown spoke he spoke on Genealogy and the new
temples being built in Europe! He told us about a really cool
experience that he had with his genealogy! I didn't think much of the
story, it was cute and was really cool that the spirit of Elijah had
worked through him before the he entered the mission field. But while
he was giving his testimony on Geneology, Missionary work, and
Temples, I had this distinct almost indescribable feeling that he was
my next mission president. It was strange. I didnt have this feeling
when I first met President Roney but after first meeting president
Roney I honestly would have done anything he had asked me to do. But
this feeling I had must have been the spirit.

During my interview with President Brown, Honestly, he felt like he
was a Blue(french version of greenie). I am not trying to be mean but
it was not even close to the interviews that I had had with President
Roney. But during the whole interview I kept thinking back to the
feeling that I had had when he was giving his testimony and it hit me.
I think the spirit knew that I was going to be too judging of
President Brown so the spirit gave me enough push to trust him, to put
my confidence that he will lead this mission in the direction it needs
to go. Something I learned during our conference was that President
Brown seeks the spirit often in his day to day work. I feel kinda bad
saying all this but its the truth of what I thought. However, after
all of it happened I have faith in President Brown leading this
mission in the right direction :)

We drove to Albi with the Albi elders Thursday night and spent the
night there. Friday morning rolled around and Elder Pittsy went to do
his legality at Albi. Friday night we were in Rodez and got to see
Patrick and OH BOY did things happen while we were gone. Patrick has
had his nephew and his nephews girl friend living with him in his
spare bedroom. Well, Patrick found out that his nephew was growing
drugs(it only has one leaf on it...we don't know what kind of plant it
is yet. His cousin kept saying it was a flower) in Patricks apartment.
Big NO NO. Patrick gave his nephew 10 minuets to pack and then he had
to leave! During one of their arguments however the nephew pushed
patrick. So patrick called his sister and his brother to his house.
They showed up and all three of them got the nephew out of the

This mess has really put patrick on edge. Its been a hard week for
him. The nephew went and called all of the rest of the family and told
them that Patrick had lied about the whole thing and pushed the nephew
first. So now Patrick has everyone but his sister and brother against
him. When we were talking with Patrick about the whole thing he kept
telling us that he felt like his house was contaminated and that it
made him feel uncomfortable. We offered and then had a blessing on the
house! Patrick really felt the spirit there! that was a really special

We went over to Patricks again Sunday evening and his sister came by
to talk about what had happened between him and the nephew. They began
discussing what Patrick was going to do with the drug plants in his
apartment. Turn out Patrick had left the plants on his back patio and
was going to bring them to the police and have them analyze it then
bring the police to his apartment to look for more drugs. His sister
was really scared. (turns out like half of Patricks family lives in
the same building...) Patrick had, at this point, talked himself up
into a fit and started spouting off about how he doesn't care if the
rest of the family ever comes around to liking him again. He was done
with them telling him that he needed to house the nephew and then all
the other problems the nephew had caused Patrick.

In wanting to defuse the whole situation we shared a message about the
family and how it is the most important piece of our lives and that it
is a gift from god. That we want to live forever with our family and
that we should always try to fix our family relationships. At the end
of our message we challenged him to pray about if he needed to go to
the police and involve them in the whole dispute. The next morning we
got a text saying that he had decided to give the plants back to his
nephew and not go to the police. I am not saying we solved the problem
and I am not saying that Patrick would have been wrong to go to the
police. I just hope that we did the right thing and that he can still
have good relations with his family.

That was our week! We joked that we were on vacation in Toulouse haha.
Patrick still plans on being baptized on Saturday! :) Your prayers are
always welcome! Thank you all!

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

this is a timelaps that I took on my Ipad of Patrick teaching us how
to make Ratetoui!

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