Monday, July 27, 2015

letter from Grant

Sent: Monday, July 27, 2015 7:37 AM
Subject: I dont know what to put as a subject for this week

This week started out with me and elder Pittsenbarger trying to talk
about the gospel with 100 people this week. We only talked to
45...yeah, we were on track up until Thursday! We were contacting and
going door to door for maybe three to four hours each day. When
Thursday rolled around we had our first exchange with the zone leaders
for the transfer and as crazy as life works out we had a less active
call us and ask us to do service for him and Patrick was moving his
rabbits from one location to another. So we split into two teams of
elders and attacked the service!  Elder Canard de valeur, one of my
old companions, and I helped Patrick move his huge rabbits! Ill have
to send some pics of the rabbits! they are monster sized!
So very little finding was done on Thursday to Friday. And Saturday we
were actually invited to spend nearly the whole day at a ward
activity. We were told we were going to a park for a few hours to have
a picnick. Turns out the members drove us to a Lake....So all four of
us elders were stranded over an hour away by car from home forced to
watch all the members swim in the lake. So we felt kind of defeated
because we didn't get the 100 conversations. We plan on trying not
this week but the week after because this week we have another
exchange and zone training thats almost a days train ride away so much
for being in our sector. hahaha We may have been beaten in
conversations this week but we did however get introduced to 3 thats
right not one, not two, But THREE new investigators from our members!

1 Vivian; we think she has the most potential for excepting the gospel
as she is the little sister of patrick. She speaks sign langauge and
me and elder pittsy are learning quiet a bit! It is much easier to
speak french sign language the French itself! hahaha we can say things
like "why are you blushing" "where did you put all of your money" and
"he is very drunk". Sign language is easily one of the best skills I
have picked up on my mission besides blowing tongue bubbles, and doing
my own laundry.
2 Victor(and wife); no he is not from Ukraine. Victor is african and
loves god! We met him when we were moving patricks rabbits! We have
not had a lesson per se but we have fixed a lesson for this wednesday!
3 David and Emily; We made contact with them while elder Pittsenbarger
was doing service for the less active! I dont know to much about them
other then David is opening his own car shop and Elder Pittsys dad
sells mustangs so they are perfect for each-other. Also, they have the
most adorable 5 year old boy! David is pretty interested in our
religion but we are not sure if it is because he wants to join or
because we used to have plural marriage instituted at one point. Its
more important that we reactivate the less active that introduced us
and then baptize her husband. :)

That about summs up our week! Me and elder Pittsy have been getting
along better and having more missionary fun since we tried to hit our
100 convos :)

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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