Tuesday, July 7, 2015

july 6th letter from grant

Sent: Monday, July 6, 2015 2:55 AM
Subject: Bonjour

Bonjour! Our week went well! We had an exchange with the district
leader and we spent some time less active hunting. The city itself it
being prepared for the greatest festival to have ever embraced the
tiny hills of Rodez. The Tour de France is coming. The city has
decided to hold some sort of party, festival, cheese tasting, free
band concert, or a cook off contest every single day of the week
leading up to the Race. The city has actually torn out chunks of
sidewalk and has put in large signs that show where the bikers will be
coming through. I haven't seen the city in such a buzz. All of the
park people have been putting in extra flowers and pruning all the
trees and bushes. They even have a little white train that takes tours
of the city! The Tour de France gets here on the 18. The day of the
baptism! So we may not see the bikers come into Rodez but we will see
them leave the next morning as the start the next leg.
It will be interesting trying to do missionary work around all of the
extra people. I think in some sense it will be good because just
having more people in the city makes it easy to contact and find
people. However, those people are not likely to become investigators
because they are tourists....

Patric Chambeau! He is still fixed for the 18! We actually saw him
every single day this week! We were able to teach a lot this week.
In fact, when we taught missionary work we asked him if he knew anyone
that he would want to talk to the gospel with. He told us he had a
work colleague that he could have over for dinner and we could talk
about the gospel after dinner! Then his sister came down from upstairs
and we taught her a lesson! We explained what the book of mormon was
and bore testimony about how it has changed our lives. Before we
finished the lesson Patrick bore testimony about how he always feels
the spirt when he is at church or around us! That was such a special
lesson for me. I cant explain how happy I was to see that Patrick
understood what we had been teaching him. He said the closing prayer
and thanked heavenly father for the missionaries and for Gods gospel
on the earth. I dont think I could have said a better prayer then he

This sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting! We had already taught
Patrick about the fast and when we told him he could bear your
testimony Brother Pascalin(the member who has befriended Patric the
most) got up and bore his testimony on Jesus Christ and how Christ's

atonement had changed him. When Pascalin sat down Patric got up and
recounted his story of how he met the missonaries. How he was pressed
for time but when we contacted him he felt a "chaleur" in his heart
and he stopped. He said he felt something in him while he talked with
us. A week later Elder Gossel and I dropped off cookies at his house.
He said that he was intrigued by our kindness and thats why he fixed
the first meeting. I was most touched during his testimony when he
said that he felt the exact same chaleur in his heart. He said he
didnt know what it was but that he had never before experienced it. As
we answered his questions over the corse of the next couple meetings
he said he felt the chaleur grow stronger and stronger. He bore the
last couple lines of his testimony that he was so happy to be in the
church of the truth; with real friends and love. I will never forget
this man. He is always complimenting us on how nice we are and how we
are always helping others yet, I feel like its the other way around.
Patric brings food to almost all of his neighbors. He bottles Jams and
gives them away to all the members. He gave some spanish guy a 100
euros because the guy told Patric he couldnt get back home. Patric
goes and gardens his moms yard once a week on top of school and work
and meeting with the time munching missionaries in Rodez. I don't
think I could have a better example of Pure christ like love in my
mission. The man always looks to help others. I think I have written
down more about my experiences with Patric then anyone else. I thanked
heavenly father this week for letting me be the missionary to meet
this marvelous man. Because honestly, I feel like he was prepared.

Seour Gill is doing good too! we have been helping her prepare to
brake the news to her children that she got baptized. She has been a
little stressed about that talk but what seem to be the most
comforting supports to her are the members here in the branch here. I
have learned why it is so important to have members who are active in
the lives of your investigators and in the lives of recent converts.
If you lack members in the lives of either of them I don't know how a
new convert could have gotten to baptism or how they would make it
long afterwords.

I love this city! I love how dedicated the members here are to helping
others and being a blessing to others. I love my family back at home
that is supporting me. I love that so many of my friends are leaving
on missions and get to have such Wonder missionary experiences! It
really is like nothing I have ever done before in my life. A great
work and a wonder is coming about and to just be a part of that wonder
is such a blessing from god. I could not have asked for a better life
:) I love you all! have a great week!

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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