Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10th letter from Grant

Sent: Monday, August 10, 2015 10:06 AM
Subject: Less actives and recent converts.

Patricks family has been getting more and more aggressive towards him
and his decision to join the church. It doesn't help that he has a
pinched nerve in his spinal column. He has always had a strange spinal
column he told us but he was lifting something for his rabbits and it
tweaked his back  and so he has been using his back support all week.
We taught him about the priesthood and how he can receive it soon. It
was a great Segway after we gave him a blessing of healing. We had our
really awesome member Fr. Pascalin there who explained how the oil was
used in ancient Israel.

Sister Gil is doing Awesome! We had a Rondez-vous with her Tuesday and
we got talking about testimonies and stuff and she, for the first time
I have ever heard her, gave a really heartfelt testimony. She talked
about how true the church was due to her reading in the book of
mormon. I think this is the most confident I have ever seen in her in
regards to her testimony. And to top her week of she finally told her
family that she was baptized a few months ago! Well, and by family I
mean her youngest son. He didn't take the news to well. He is SOO sure
that she joined a cult! It really blows my mind how many people here
just think that we are some crazy cult! The worst is that once we talk
to them about it they don't even seem to know what a cult is! Sigh,
first world problems.

I haven't written much about seour Marité but she is one of the less
active we see about once to twice a week. She has a testimony and a
strong conviction of the Book of Mormon but her smoking addiction
makes her feel embarrassed to go to church. Our lesson this week was
on the temple. She hasnt been yet and we thought it would be a good
goal for her to set. We talked about how France is going to get her
first temple next year! She was excited to hear that and happily fixed
a date for when she wants to go to the temple! She knows that she has
to quit smoking to go and we touched on that. We are excited that she
fixed such a high goal! It will definitely change her life.

I think I have mentioned David and Emily a few times. We had our first
official appointment with them this week! OH BOY, We answered all of
Davids questions on Polygamy. I think that is the first (and hopefully
the last time) that I have a first lesson be on the controversial
topic of Plural marriage. We saw them again a few days later and
talked on Joseph Smith and the Retab(definitely a more comfortable
topic). And fixed another appointment on Tuesday where we will review
the Retab and teach David some english :)

That covers the basics for the week! I felt my testimony of the
Restoration of the gospel grow this week. We have been reading Joseph
smith history with Brother Biargue and it is soo cool to feel the
power that come from the prophets own proper words of the
establishment of Christ's church in the latter days.

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

picture is grant and his companion and the Albi missionaries at the ward activity at the beach two weeks ago... grant was pretty red by the end of the day : )

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