Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug 30 letter from Grant

Sent: Monday, August 31, 2015 2:26 PM
Subject: Nime

This week was Fantastic! We got to see David and Emily before I left.
They made us tacos :) well, kinda, they were still somehow very
french. So David really wants to live in america and he usually talks
about moving to Las Vegas, California, New York, or Texas. But he kept
throwing in Salt lake to his collection. I didn't realize the
significance of this until he asked when Noah, their 4 year old son
that loves spider man, could be baptized. A little surprised we asked
them what they were thinking about Noah being baptized. Davids
response was that four years before his dad passed away they stopped
talking for a silly reason. David in return wants to baptize his dad
since his dad was never baptized and because he still wants to have a
relationship with his father. And in turn they said they had thought
about it and they want to be baptized! OH, we were soooo pumped. So
proud of them :) David drove us home that night and I gave him one of
my ties :) he hates ties. hahaha but accepted the gift and said "see
you in america brother" Oh I love this family so much!

When we said good bye to Patrick he just cried and cried. Oh, between
him, sister Gil, and David this was a really emotional week.

Mathias. We were playing around at church and half way through uno he
ran into one of the other rooms. After a while he ran into his dads
office (his dad being the branch president) and a few minuets later
Fr.Bernardi called me into his office(this being the dad of Mathias).
When I walked in Mathias was balling in one of the chairs. His dad
explained that Mathias has grown really attached to me and doesn't
want me to leave Rodez. After all of the other emotional leaving
ceremonies this week it looked like I still had one more heart string
to stretch. We made Mathias an email account so that he could email
me. Love that family. That is a family I never want to forget.

I got transferred to Nime. Its a not far from the beach so its WAYYY
more humid here then in the hills of Rodez. I think its bigger. Not
sure yet. After about 10 minuets of being in our sector we got a call
from a less active who needs help moving. We hauled a fridge up 4
flights of stairs only to find out that it doesn't fit through the
door. Donk, we brought the fridge all the way back down....So, thats
why this letter is coming in late. I haven't eaten lunch or dinner yet
but I thought I would get my weekly off today. Tomorrow when we finish
unpacking and getting camp set up I will send personal letters to
Y'all! In any case, Nime is really pretty, I really like it! Oh, and
there is a TON of ancient roman structures that no one thought to
clean up. So, we have a plenty of naked statues of Gods and
gladiators; but what really takes the cheese is the Colosseum!
Apparently the have bull fights in it still!!!!!!! P-DAY BULL FIGHTS!
hahaha, we will see. 

My new comp is named Elder Connel! He is from
south Carolina and fits the part. He is kinda like a southern version
of Jack Black. Except instead of being in a metal band he free style
raps. Yeahh, there was a video the zone leaders were circulating of
ELder Connel when he first got in to the mish of him free style
rapping. He tells me that he can pick up investigators by rapping
but....we will see.
I am excited to have him though. He wants to work and that's all I can
really ask for. He is in his third transfer however. So I will be
doing a lot more talking since he doesn't really speak French yet.

Sorry, its really jumpy.
Love you all.

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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