Monday, August 24, 2015

august 24th letter from Grant

Sent: Monday, August 24, 2015 10:40 AM
Subject: voila; voilà?

Well, I would say that this week was boring in comparison to other
weeks. We contacted a lot. Hung out with members. Just, missionary
work all week. Oh, Monday of last week we decided to go visit a
neighboring city with our recent convert Patrick. Patrick was going to
drive us the hour there; what a nice guy! Props to whoever baptized
him. While Elder Pittsy and I were waiting for Patrick we ran into
August, our super member, and he said he was on his way to get his
phone fixed. I asked him what was wrong with it. He said that he
couldnt receive messages  from someone... I asked him if I could look
at it and after inspecting the phone for a little bit I figured out
what was stopping the messages from coming through. When I Unblocked
his phone the phone received a Title Wave of Messages from someone
named Carol. I shouldn't have looked at his messages I know. But I am
still a 19 year old boy and so I read the first couple. Turns out
August is in a pretty serious relationship with a member in one of the
neighboring branches named Carol :)  He hasn't told anyone about it
but we know now :) He said that he was going to pay like 50 bucks to
have his phone looked at but since we saved him 50 bucks he would just
come along with us! So we drove to Millau with Patrick and August! It
was a blast! We talked about Augusts love life for like ever! Millau
is pretty cool. It has the biggest bridge in Europe! The city itself
is tiny, smaller then Rodez. Still super sweet to see tho!

This week with David and Emily we brought August. August also wants to
learn English so we talked in English for a while. We then started to
read in the Liahona in English and David just went off asking
Questions. It was great! We eventually started talking about the
temple and all of the Amazing stuff that goes on there! Emily seemed
to really like it! She thought it was cool that we had ordinances
after baptism! David, like usual, was in business man mode and kept
his poker face on while he tried to ask really difficult questions.
One of which was why women cant baptize. We gave him the whole sshpeal
but Im not quiet sure he understands. August really was a huge help!
Having someone who can respond perfectly in French and just be soooo
Funnnny all at the same time is great.

Augustina is doing good. We got to see one of her grand children this
week! Man she spoils that little kid. He ate some High Class baby
food. And had Pudding for dessert! Im sure Grandma never fed me like
that ;) If I remember right Aung Peggy just gave me Orange Soda right?
haha Anywasy, Augustina is continuing to prepare for the temple. We
have her, Patrick, and one other lady in the Branch all planning on
going to the temple when the Paris Temple opens! Super Exciting! They
can all hold each other accountable. Its cool to see the branch grow
so much in the few months that I have been here. The branch really has
a Backbone now. They have plenty of support and can really just grow

Joy was being super elusive this week. We tried to stop by after
calling but we just got her strange neighbors to come out.

We helped Kharim move out. Kharim is this super dope Muslim guy that
lives down the street from us. He has really high standards. LIke, he
keeps all of our commandments and then some. So he really likes to
have the missionaries come over for dinner. We would teach him but he
always made it clear that he could never convert. On tout cas, we
helped him move out. Forever....Tear.

We tried to get Marité to accept going with everyone to the temple in
a year and she said she would try! So she just needs to stop smoking
and all will work out. We worry about her though. She goes out to
clubs with some of her work friends every other Friday night.... not
the best way to use your free agency. She says she feels really judged
by the other members at church because she has to take smoke breaks.
We will keep working with her.

Anyways, I love you all, and remembre. Vous avez bien traduis cette phrase

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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