Monday, September 21, 2015

september 21, 2015 Letter from Grant

Sent: Monday, September 21, 2015 7:06 AM
Subject: Yes, this is the letter I send every week.

So, we made cookies and passed investigators and families in the ward
on Tuesday/Wednesday.

We talked to a "less active" widow who cant come to church due to her
spinal surgery. I was glad that we could visit her. She sounded like
she was getting lonely.

We made contact with Hortense. Very likely our next investigator here.
She had only been taught a couple times by the last elders but she was
on vacation or something the last couple weeks. So will see her

Fabrice is doing well, he canceled on us since he went to a breeding
thing with a client so that his dogs could make babies. Not much needs
to be said about that.

We moved two more families out of the ward :( that makes a total of
four families in the past four weeks here. Thats like a family a week!
We really need to pick up our baptizing game in Nimes! haha

So the rest of the week is a title chaptered "the awkward third
wheeling elders". Ill explain, twice a year Nimes has a "Faria"
something to the effect of a party but it lasts from Thursday until
Sunday with Elephant sized amounts of drinking and partying. We left
around three on Thursday and they had closed all the roads off for
about three kilometers and set up white tents where beer and other
alcohol's were handed out. They had Spanish marching bands and a bull
fight in the colosseum. So we got to stay with the zone leaders in
Montpelier until Monday morning.  It was a pain not being in our
sector for half the week but we helped out the ward in Montpelier. We
helped two families move one in and one out of the city and go on
splits with the zone leaders.

Elder Connel was going through some things and I got to give him a
blessing. It was a very intimate moment. And I can testify of the
power of the priesthood.

Et voila, that was the week.

Avec amour,
Elder Keller

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